Specialty Plastic Printing Services

We provide a comprehensive list of plastic card printing services to accommodate all of your business's unique needs. The plastic printing services that we offer include embossing, imaging, data encoding, and more. For further information about our capabilities, please contact our team at (866) 439-9581 to discuss which plastic card printing services are right for you.

Imaging & Encoding

When you need variable data imaging on card or keytag products, Standard Plastic Card Solutions is ready to help! From simple incremented or random numbering to card personalization, barcoding or encoding, our data experts can help you find a solution for virtually any card personalization project.


When you need a card to work for a specific program or reader. We can help diagnose the programming already established on a card or start a programming sequence for your application.

Product Specifications:

Thermal Imaging - Thermal Imaging is widely used for adding names, numbers and/or barcodes to card programs. It offers the best resolution for flat graphics and is available with magnetic stripe encoding

DOD HiRes Inkjet - High Resolution UV Ink Jet is a durable flat graphic imaging approach. This option is the best solution for products with a long-life requirement in the wallet or on a key chain.

Standard Inkjet Imaging - Inkjet Imaging is the value alternative for card imaging applications for 500 cards and over. Options include alpha-numeric characters and/or bar codes. Magnetic stripe encoding is also available with this Imaging Option.

Embossing - "Raised Letter" embossing with color topping is still the industry standard for many credit card and other plastic card products. A perceived value with this option gives you the "touch" you are looking for. Available with magnetic stripe encoding.

Spot UV - is a clear coating that is applied to chosen spots or area of the card. Spot UV coating is an eye catching finish that will draw your client’s attention to finished areas of the card when applied on the matte background.

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