Standard Plastic Card Solutions has recently announced a cooperative partnership with Global Amenities

Global Amenities was established in 2011 with the goal of increasing profits for Hotels and Resorts while improving the guest’s overall experience by increasing the value of each reservation. Their ongoing development and continuous integration of entertainment, information, and customer interaction continuously allows resort clients to excel in an ever changing global marketplace.

Included among their products and services are Roomie and DVD Now.

ROOMIE is hands down the best Hospitality Mobile Application in the industry. Roomie transforms hotel guest’s mobile device into a remote control to navigate their entire stay while at a hotel or resort. Roomie also features all automated services, push notifications, movie content and much more!

DVD NOW provides FREE UNLIMITED in-room DVD rentals.

For more information regarding their products and services.... 1-843-267-0688 or

AuthorJohn Rusher